Year 6 Workshop – Hazeley Wood

Survival Skills Workshop

On the 5th of November Year 6 students visited Hazeley Woods to experience the Survival Skills Workshop. We were met there by the Parks Trust members who led Year 6 through their activities. The Parks Trust guided us through these skills in groups: Fire lighting, shelter building and water filtering. With the fire lighting they partnered up to make the fire using only flint, steel, cotton wool and a small tray. The students were shown a brief demonstration before trying it themselves accompanied by the staff. If they were finding this too challenging, they would use steel wire and a battery to create the spark in an alternative form. In addition to this, they built shelters with the materials provided including tarpaulin, paracord and natural surroundings. The pupils parted into small groups of four to attach the tarpaulin to the trees only using reef knots and hoist knots which were demonstrated. The last activity the year sixes participated in was water filtering of which you needed nothing but a plastic bottle, two cups and our outdoor surroundings. They stuffed the bottle with leaves, moss, sticks and grass where they applied pressure to make sure it was compact. Our year sixes enjoyed this trip very much.

Good Work

Grace produced some fantastic work after her visit to Hazeley Wood