Music News

 Music this year at EVS.
My name is Mrs Bosdet and I am the new Music Subject Lead for Emerson Valley School. This year I will be running a lunchtime choir on Monday’s as well as an after school choir on Thursdays. We also have a School Orchestra who meet after school on a Tuesday. If your child is interested in attending any of these please contact the school office. I have created a curriculum that will develop children’s skills in the three keys areas of music in all year groups.
Year 3 – We will build up the children’s listening skills exploring soundscapes, work on their performing skills using musical theatre and develop their composing skills using percussion instruments and learn to play the recorder this year.
Year 4 – Will learn to play the keyboard this year, develop their composing skills looking at an orchestra and using music technology, build on their listening skills looking at a piece by Purcell and practice performing throughout all units this year.
Year 5 – We will further develop their listening skills by exploring a piece of music by Sibelius, they will learnt to compose for a range of instruments using standard notion for music and practice their performing skills in our singing unit as well as learn to play the guitar.
Year 6 – Will learn to play the keyboard as well as develop their composing skills using music technology, using their growing listening skills to by exploring a piece by Elgar and show their performance skills in their performance at the end of the year.
I hope to have a fantastic year of music at EVS!