Childrens’ Work

Jessica’s Poem 4NB

Jessica has written a wonderful poem. Please see the link attached



6DC making Periscopes – report by Samuel A

In 6DC we made periscopes. The way they work is you cut a  hole at the bottom side of a cereal box. Then you cut a line on the bottom/middle right of the box. You cut through both sides. You put a small mirror through the slits. You do the same just above. Make sure you cut ninety degree lines. You put a mirror there too. After that put a hole on the other side but on the top. The way periscopes work is when you look through the hole you look at a ninety degree angled mirror. That mirror reflects to the top mirror. That mirror then reflects off and out of the top hole. Now you can see above and below.















Homework by Gabriela  S 4NB  November 2018 – Gabriela produced this amazing piece of artwork and Mr Burdett was so impressed he awarded her a Gold Award for her efforts. Well done Gabriela!









Volcano homework October 2018 – the children of Year 4 were asked to create their own volcanoes for their homework. Have a look at some of the inventive creations from 4JT. Some were edible!








Viking Ships homework October 2018 – some of the amazing work produced by the children in 5BM