Awards Ceremony 2018

Awards Ceremony 2018



Today, Thursday 19th July, we hosted our annual School Awards. This wonderful ceremony celebrates all of our children and their many achievements throughout the year. The teachers and staff have a very hard job of choosing winners, and these recipients are as follows:
Headteachers Award – Billie C 6DC
Citizenship Award – Maisy H 6AM
Literacy Award – Magdalena S-B 6RR
Numeracy Award – Ihsan J 6RR
Science Award – Cameron C 6DC
ICT Award – Jay G 6AM
Art Award – Grace A 4JP
Sports Award – Noah W 6KF and Millie C 6DC
Young Leader Award – Corey H 6DC and Devon T 6AM
Governors Certificates for Year 3 – Libby G 3AV and Kayden H 3AR
Governors Certificate for Year 4 – Martyna S 4NB and Miguel D 4JT
Governors Certificate for Year 5 – Borte J 5MS and Minas S 5JAP
Governors Certificate for Year 6 – Lucy B 6RR and Jathurshan S 6KF
Special Governors Award– Nicole L 5JAP
Class Awards for Year 3
3KW Alex Z, Charlotte V and Tierney D 

3SM Stacy M-S, Alexander M and Rihanna U 
3AR Holly A, Emma G and Olivia O 
3AV Jessica M, Gabriela S and Zac J 

Class Awards for Year 4
4JT Bravinth B, Salman H and Ella P 
4SB Rhiannon H, Joshua H and Phillip G 
4JP Girish B, Arkida G and Jathurana R 
4NB Manal F, Charlie S and Zackary M 

Class Awards for Year 5
5MS Harinee S, Bright O-W and Natalia R
5JAP Darcie B, Pavan S and Katie T 
5BM Athviga S, Abigail D and Nuala D 
5LT Elizabeth M, Rumeth L and Jessica P 

Class Awards for Year 6
Corey H, Kayla A and Mercedes S 6DC
6RR Matthew G, Charlotte C and Meenakshi S 6RR
6AM Freya C, Devon T and Silvia I 
6KF Lewis P, Paulina B and Julia T 

House Cup Award – Saturn

Staff Award for Contribution and Commitment to School Life – Ms Jo Harron

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to the wonderful parents, carers and families who came along to support the school on this fabulous celebratory morning.