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The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

On the 27th of June, the whole school attended the opening ceremony. At 9:18, Mrs Brown lowered the Emerson Valley School Olympic torch into its stand, meaning the ceremony had begun. Before the first country walked down the aisle, Mrs Wheeler read the officials oath, followed by Earl A reading the athletes oath. At 9:22, Australia (which was carried by 4AC) had a brilliantly painted flag. France came next at 9:25, carried by 3LS. At 9:28, everyone started singing” On a rainbow,” by Tom and Carry Fletcher.

After, came Mexico, followed by Singapore. At the very end, before all the thanks, we sang the National Anthem. To end the ceremony, Mrs Brown read a speech about the values of the Olympics and the Paralympics .

The artwork was amazing, but China, carried by 6SS, was the teacher’s favourite. The opening ceremony was a success, but we all need to say a very big thank you to Mrs Wheeler and other members of staff.

Report by The Roving Reporters


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