At Emerson Valley School, we use the Accelerated Reader system.

AR is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. With AR, teachers create a reading programme to meet the needs of every student.

Using information generated by the software, teachers help students select books that are difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration. In addition, it helps teachers to monitor students’ vocabulary growth, literacy skills development and reading skills taught through other reading schemes.

Accelerated Reader helps develops lifelong readers.

Each half term, the children who reach their reading targets attend a celebration event.

What is Renaissance Home Connect?

Renaissance Home Connect is a tool that connects the school and home to keep parents informed of their child’s progress toward Accelerated Reader and encourages the child to practice reading at home.

How does Renaissance Home Connect help me improve my child’s reading progress?

  • You can view your child’s progress toward reading goals and reader certification, and view all books that your child has read and quizzes your child has taken.
  • You can access an online search tool, AR BookFinder, to search for books using various criteria, including author, subject, or reading level.
  • You can receive emails that reveal results for Reading Practice Quizzes and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes and provide links to the Web site where you can check progress.

How do I get access to Renaissance Home Connect?

You can view Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection using these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer® 6.02 or later
  • Firefox® 1.5 or later
  • Safari™ 2.0.3 or later

You can log into Renaissance Home Connect by clicking on:

The same login and password that your child uses at school will work at home.

Accelerated Reader Presentation


Accelerated Reader Update Autumn 2 Term 2017


Our Accelerated Reader programme is going from strength to strength as we enter our second half term this year.

Last academic year, on average, a child’s reading age at EVS improved by 15 months within the year, owing to the dedicated time to reading, both at home and in school and through children ensuring they are truly comprehending what they are reading, before taking their book quizzes. This was a fantastic result and a good start to our new way of reading at EVS.


This year, so far at the start of Autumn 2 term, I am proud to say that we are further accelerating the reading abilities of the children at EVS. On average, reading ages across the school are 3.5 months higher than at this point last year, whilst children on average have improved their reading ages by 5.5 months since September!

However, within these figures there are children who are making more progress than others. The key attributes of a child, making accelerated progress in their reading are;


  1. Reading at home every night (updating their reading journals as they go)
  2. Reading regularly aloud to an adult at home
  3. Discussing their books with someone at home
  4. Reading a wide range of different authors and genres


We also see a direct correlation between children improving their reading ages and the quality of their writing improving.


Parents can see how their child is progressing through logging into AR Home Connect (via the link under the Reading section of the EVS website) and using their child’s log in details. Please see your class teacher or the office if you need any further detail on this.