Pupils Voice

At Emerson Valley School we believe that ever member of our community should have their opinions heard. Of the upmost importance are the thoughts and feelings of our pupils. At EVS pupils are able to voice their opinions through the School Council.


What is the School Council?

The School Council is a group of hard working pupils, who are committed to making sure that the opinions of the pupil’s at EVS are heard. The Council is made up of representatives from each class – one Main Class Representative and one Deputy. These individuals are selected through a whole school election process at the beginning of the academic year. They work alongside their fellow pupils, teachers and the Senior Management Team to make improvements to the school.


What does the School Council do?

The School Council meets every Monday lunch-time to discuss matters regarding how the school is run. It is the role of the Class Representatives to voice any opinions that their class has.


Duties of a Class Representative:

  • To collect suggestions from your class on how to improve our school and bring theses to the weekly meeting
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Generate action plans to improve problem areas and carry these out
  • Take part in a variety of activities designed to improve EVS
  • Communicate with teachers and The Senior Management Team
  • Feedback to your class regularly on what the Council are doing


What qualities do you need to have to become a Class Representative?

It is important to remember that anyone from a class can become a Class Representative.

However, there are some qualities a Class Representative must have in order to complete the job effectively:

    • Committed
    • Caring
    • Good Communicator
    • Motivated
    • Good team player
    • Inspiring
    • Well organised
    • Punctual
    • Involved in school life
    • Innovative

There are also special roles within the School Council for Class Representative who would like a little extra responsibility, such as Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.


Why should you become a class representative?

Becoming a Class Representative allows you the opportunity to make a real difference to your school and your community. You get to take part in fun projects that really improve the life of the school. You also get to work as part of a team, which helps strengthen your social and leadership skills. You can improve your confidence by speaking in front of others, including teachers, and have the opportunity to present your ideas during whole school assemblies.

This is what some of our previous reps have said about the role: (to follow soon)


Elections 2016

At the beginning of the year, the pupils at EVS worked extremely hard to campaign for the role of Class Representative. During this time they had to write and present a manifesto to their class. The school walls were adorned with campaign posters and several pupils and staff members were even seen wearing campaign badges! The playgrounds were also busy with pupils proudly displaying campaign banners. Election fever had taken over!


Eager candidates from Year 5 getting ready            Pupils posting their votes in the secret ballot.

to present their manifestos to their class.



Our industrious Year 6 House Captains counting up the ballot papers.



For the year 2016-2017 the council members are:

Chloe Ruby Sabeshan Zach
Rhiannon Alex Annabell Beau
Borte Qasim Chloe Ebenezer
Adanna Blessing Kera Olivia
Corey Jathurshan Freya Grace
Adrija Amy Jessica Thea
Tilesha Jamila David Harmony
Ruby Caitlin Ogohgoh  


Find out below what we have been discussing in our meetings this year.

School Council Meeting Minutes:

Autumn Term

7.11.16 14.11.16 21.11.16 28.11.16 5.12.16


Spring Term

9.1.17  16.1.17  6.02.17 30.1.17 20.2.17 27.2.17 13.3.17 27.3.17


Summer Term