Childrens’ Work

Viking Ships homework October 2018 – some of the amazing work produced by the children in 5BM





















Year 5 Space Theme 2017-18

Theo H 5MS                                   Templar S-W 5JAP                         Nizar A 5MS                     Moiz H 5LT                                       Lewis L 5MS                            Katie 5JAP


Honey B 5MS


Harvey F 5BM                                     Brayden S 5JAP



Little Red – The wolf’s perspective

In a brambly, thorny enchanted forest, on the edge of a magical waterfall, where a rainbow lay in the sky, lived a sneaky, dangerous creature! With razor-sharp, rotten, yellow canines, pointy, grey ears and a nose as long as a baguette. It was none other than… the Big Bad Wolf!

Stomping through the thorny woods, the wolf heard a little girl talking to herself, so he peeped round the corner and found…Little Red Riding Hood!

Written by Ami Noble – 4NB

Water cycle – Qasim A

The Stranger – Jessica P

Holly A 3AR



William N 3AV –

The day that Food quit

I am cheese and I am quitting because I am smelly like a toilet.
Furthermore people put me on sandwiches and I am not friends
with bread! Your unhappy dairy product cheese.
P.S. please stop melting me!
By William N 3AV