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Illustrator Day at EVS – AR Celebration Spring 1


On the 7th February 2018, Emerson Valley School held an illustrator day to reward all of the children who hit their Accelerated Reader targets this half term. The illustrator chosen for this event was the incredible: Karin Littlewood. She has written and illustrated over 40 books, which offer the reader a spell-binding, captivating read that can make you think, smile, laugh and sometimes even shed a tear or two.


During the day, every child attended a 1 hour assembly with Karin where they discovered how Karin gets the inspiration for her books and learnt some of the techniques for creating her fantastic illustrations. One of Karin’s most popular books; IMMI was chosen as the focus for the assembly. This included the children of EVS experiencing a multi-sensory retelling of the story and becoming inspired about how they could create their own stories based on the characters and objects in Karin’s magical tale.


Back in the classroom, the children of EVS planned their own stories by creating illustrations in the style of Karin Littlewood and started to develop these ideas into their own short stories. Karin visited the children in the classrooms in the afternoon and gave some coaching on illustrating and design and further inspiration to their wonderful tales!