news archives Awards Ceremony 2017

We held our awards ceremony yesterday to celebrate some of our school successes and achievements.  Each class teacher selected one child as ‘Child of the Year’ for all round contribution to class life.  They also selected two children to receive certificates for ‘consistent good behaviour and attitude to school life’.   The Governors selected two children from each year group to receive certificates for working hard and their reliability. The class awards were as follows:

3LT     Class award: Sabeshan S     Certificates: Jathurana R and Alina H

3SM    Class award: Theo Y              Certificates: Amara LN and Diego F

3AR     Class award: Ella G                Certificates: Chloe L and Charlie J

3JAP   Class award :Jamie H            Certificates: Ruby E and Ali J

4JT      Class award :Jovie A             Certificates: Athviga S and Jenush S

4DC     Class award :Samuel A         Certificates: Trinity W and Katie H

4SB     Class award :Mason L           Certificates: Abigail D and Tony W

4CM    Class award :Adanna I          Certificates: Kayleigh C and Minas S

5MS    Class award: Noah W            Certificates: Paulina B and Keira O

5AV     Class award: Lucy C              Certificates: Ewan A and Skarlett S-W

5NB     Class award: Freya C             Certificates: Theo S and Maisy H

5RR     Class award :Evie R               Certificates: Meenakshi S and Wei Qiang Z

6JP      Class award: Rabia A                        Certificates: Ani G and Rachel M

6BM    Class award: Leoni C             Certificates: Sophie H and Rhianna D

6KF     Class award: Nathan G          Certificates: Joanne C and Summer F

6AM    Class award :Dreena M         Certificates: Leo M and Wiktor Z.


Awards were also presented as follows:

100% attendance for four years                     Lauren P 6AM

Young Musician of the Year                           Ryuichi C 6JP

Emerson’s Got Talent winners                       Grace A 3LT, Annabell V 3LT, and Rachel V 6KF

Sports Achievers                                            James L 6AM and Keira P 6JP

The Art Award                                                 Enna N-A 4SB

The ICT Award                                               Callum H 6BM

The Numeracy Award                                                Jathurshan S 5MS

The Literacy Award                                        Dreena M 6AM

The Science Award                                        Valentin P 5NB

The Citizenship Award                                    Ben S  6JP

The Headteacher’s Award                              Georgia C 6JP


Governors’ Certificates were awarded to

Year 3                         Annabell V 3LT and Jack M 3LT

Year 4:            Jasmine P 4DC and Tremain M 4JT

Year 5:                        Bethany H 5NB and Grace G 5RR

Year 6:            David S 6KF and Manou V 6BM


The Emerson Valley staff award for ‘outstanding contribution and commitment to school life’ was awarded to Mrs Emmett and Mr Moloney.


Other certificates and awards have been given out in various assemblies.